Read the Bible in 90 Days Printable PDF

Read the Bible in 90 Days – Printable PDF

Are you looking for a new, fast-paced Bible reading plan? You can read the Bible in 90 days. Reading the Bible regularly is one of the best ways to build your faith and strengthen your relationship with God.

There are apps like the YouVersion Bible App that have thousands of different Bible reading plans. A few years ago, I decided to read the Bible in one month. That plan was called the 30 Day Shred. I think it’s a bit too fast for most people. Reading the Bible in 90 days is still fast-paced and a lot of reading every day, but it’s much more manageable than the 30-day plan.

We created a printable PDF that helps you read the Bible from cover to cover in 90 days. This is a great way to stretch your faith and challenge yourself to seek more of God. Faster Bible reading plans like this one help you see the bigger picture, and focus less on the smaller details. 

Most people decide to start their reading a new Bible plan on January 1st, but you can start this reading guide any day.

90 Day Bible Reading Printable PDF
(3-page PDF, no email required)


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