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Welcome to InFaith Blog!

I’m Nick Nolan- the founder of this blog. I never expected to be a writer, or blogger, but here we are.

I started writing in 2017, and now it’s my full time job. I grew up attending a church every Sunday, but I never encountered God or had a personal relationship with Jesus until I was 22.

Pretty soon after I was saved, I had the desire to tell people about my experience and share what I was learning in church, listening to podcasts, researching Christianity online, and reading the Bible. A few months after that, I started Bible college online and completed a two year program where I learned about the Bible and different Christian topics.

I saw blogging as a good opportunity to share my experiences and how God had shown up in my own life. After two name changes, I settled on InFaith. Every day I want to walk and live in faith.

I’m currently planning, researching, and writing all of the content on this site. I’m also running a handful of other blogs. Creating content that teaches you something useful, inspires you, and encourages you is my main goal.

I’ve written blogs about tons of different topics: Blogs, Jesus, Cars, Investing Apps, Freelancing, Cheese, Blockchain, Gun Safes, SEO, Copywriting, Marriage and Family, and a whole lot more.

If you’re a blogger, Christian or not, I’d love to connect with you! 

7 random facts about me

  1. In 2019 I completed a Bible reading plan called 30-Day Shred and read the Bible cover-to-cover in 30 days.
  2. When I was 15 I decided God wasn’t real because I couldn’t see Him (thankfully I’ve changed my mind).
  3. When I was 17 I enlisted in the Marine Corps and served from 2013-2017.
  4. The first time I prayed (for a job opportunity) God answered the very next day.
  5. I’ve written and published over 3,000,000 words online.
  6. I believe consistency is the #1 key to success.
  7. I’ve started writing 5+ books but haven’t finished one of them (yet).

Email: hello@infaithblog.com

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