My prayer and hope is that you will discover a fresh desire to hear from God, and grow in your relationship with Him.

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  • Restored To The Top

    November 14, 2019 by

    Is that what you think about when someone mentions repentance? Jesus often taught people repentance, and instructed them to repent. I think it’s a common ideology that God is calling people to repent because He is angry. People will yell at you on the street corner and hold signs saying repent or else. That isn’t… Read more

  • The Power of Baptism

    November 9, 2019 by

    Before Jesus preached a message, healed anyone, or called His disciples, He was water baptized. Jesus went to John the Baptist, who argued with Jesus for a moment, and Jesus was baptized in the Jordan river. Jesus didn’t need to get water baptized because it was a resemblance of turning from sin towards God. Jesus… Read more

  • What You Have in Christ

    November 8, 2019 by

    Do you know what you have in Christ? Jesus paid the highest price to give everyone what we could never obtain on our own. We have been given access to unsearchable riches being in Christ. Now, we have the responsibility to understand and receive what He has given us. If our experiences aren’t lining up… Read more

  • The Fruit of Self-Control

    November 5, 2019 by

    Self-control is listed in Galatians 5, along with 8 other qualities, as a fruit of the Spirit. Paul is describing what the results are of being in a relationship with God and yielding to the Holy Spirit. Self-control is mentioned throughout the Bible, and is one of the most important qualities we need to grow… Read more

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